About MaldivesFanClub.com

MaldivesFanClub.com is established as an online travel website for Maldives destination, owned and operated by Billion Destinations Co., Ltd., in the provision of being the best Maldives hotels and resorts booking services for worldwide travelers, using robust technology for its online booking platform. We built a vast portfolio of hotels and resorts, live-aboard, cruise, transfer services, sightseeing, and activities in Maldives.

MaldivesFanClub.com provides the ability to manage and control, comparing the best availability rates, making the booking instantly, electronically and efficiency. We give solutions to customers and also our partners such as travel agents, tour operator, to easily booking hotels and resorts in Maldives.

Today, MaldivesFanClub.com become a global full-service travel wholesaler to Maldives, renowned for its travel expertise, competitive and attractive prices. Take advantage of this advanced technology that will give you opportunity to enhance your revenue and network efficiency.

Strategic Partners

MaldivesFanClub.com has been appointed to be an exclusive online booking platform for some international airlines, online travel agency, and hotels. We are also a partner of the leading worldwide travel wholesalers, take care of their clients to Maldives destinations. We are also a strategic partner of some membership programs, such mile rewards, credit card membership program, to provide the best benefit to its members.

Our online booking platform has been developed by sister company and recently won a winner award from Asia Pacific ICT Alliance 2013, at Hong Kong. Through this platform, we can connect all hotels and resorts in Maldives and supply to customers around the globe.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MaldivesFanClub.com is firmly committed to make the world a better place.

At MaldivesFanClub.com, we recognize our responsibility towards our employees, business partners, customers, shareholders and to the local community by continually complying with good practices in sustainable tourism, we aim to protect and preserve the environment and the interests of the people who live at and around its destinations.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the tourism industry in which we operate by working together with non-profit organizations, designed to drive sustainability and responsibility. In addition, we are committed to maintain our integrity and living our values to ensure that we’re fulfilling the core purpose of our business.

Affiliations & Memberships

MaldivesFanClub.com plays a key role in the Free Independent Traveler and related industry. We are actively members of several professional organizations, tourism councils, travel federations and tour operator associations at local, national and international level, which ensure the highest ethical standards and professional practices.


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